Free 21 Point Inspection

Want to turn your website into a performing asset for your business? The Website Garage offers a free 21 point Inspection of your website.


Our Specialists will complete a full spectrum analysis of your site, identifying the key areas that are impeding  search engines from indexing your site correctly. The Website Garage wil also complete a design review of your site, making sure that the design is appealing to the target market. Once all of the issues have been indentfied, the Website Garage will discuss with you the best possible course of action to take, turning your site into the business asset it should be.


21 point insection Includes:

  • Title tags, Description tags and improperly formatted Meta Tags
  • Redirects
  • Missing or irrelevant ALT text
  • Site design and layout
  • Insufficient or irrelevant textual content
  • Suggested solutions and workarounds and much more! 

Gain the power to turn your site into a High performance Website.


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