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A Website Garage Franchise makes
 real and measurable gains
in achieving your small business goals.


Are you a top Business-to-Business entrepreneurial spirited performer ready for the next level?  Are you interested in the Internet and technology?  The Website Garage is an exciting turnkey business opportunity. 

There are 35 million websites on the Internet.  Most of them need a tune up.  They need tools to allow their owners to edit them easily; they need to be better optimized for search engines. They should be performing business assets, many are not.  That’s what the Website Garage is all about.  We turn websites into High Performance Websites.

We have a proven marketing and sales formula and a set of tools that is already being used across the US, in Canada, the UK and Europe. Own a Website Garage today!

The Website Garage includes a number of essential components:

  • Professional Design - by one of your highly qualified design team members.
  • i-Web Suite CMS- easily manages and make changes to the site.
  • Get Googled Search Optimization – facts, tips, tools and training for top search listings
  • Sales Innovation - allow visitors to interact and produce qualified leads
  • Loyalty Programs - enables customers or members only pages

Professional Design

The web is a visual medium and the design and information architecture (the menus) need to be pleasing and reflect the brand and character of the organization. 


Your team of designers will create web designs that reflect your customers business.  A number of meetings with your designers are critical to build a complete understanding of how the customer wants to represent their business.



Our CMS allows a non-technical user to administer all aspects of your website and e-business.  You customers can easily fix a spelling mistake, add an event listing, or build a quick survey.  Our CSM is used by more than 125 organizations across the US, Canada and Europe, by businesses of all sizes and industries and organizations including non-profit, government and health care.


Get Googled Search Optimization

Our software will automatically build your web pages so that they are optimized for Google and other search engines.   Built into i-Web Suite is a Google Optimization wizard and we also offer our own unique strategies as presented in our Get Googled Seminars free of charge to our customers.    Search Optimization is a core part of our High Performance Website Strategy.  Visit:  for more details.


Sales Innovation

Search Engine Optimization is only half the solution.  With people visiting your customer’s site you need to engage them, get them to request a free sample or a demo; sign up for an event or a newsletter; or request a white paper.  It is a critical step to engage visitors to the website. 


Loyalty Programs

Our Software enables customer or member only pages to be easily created and managed.

These pages are accessible with a password and add value to membership or customer users where they have access to knowledge bases, newsletter subscriptions, and other exclusive material.  As a valued-added component for membership these tools build a sense of importance and prestige for customers, partners, resellers and other stakeholder groups.


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